Risk Analysis
  • Design and management of geotechnical investigation programmes
  • Training and supervision for geotechnical data collection
  • Data collection through logging of pitting, drill core, mapping, photogrammetry methods and interpretation of geophysical data
  • Data management and integration into 3RC in house databases
  • Data analysis and rock mass classification with emphasis on probabilistic methods
  • Analysis, interpretation and domaining of structural geology
  • Domaining of soils and rock mass
  • Laboratory testing management and interpretation.
  • Stability assessment, pit slope and ground reinforcement design
  • Identification of failure modes
  • 2D and 3D limit equilibrium methods, numerical and probabilistic analysis, stress and displacement modelling
  • Application of unsaturated slope stability methods
  • Reinforcement and support design.
  • Excavation performance monitoring and instrumentation programme design, implementation and management.
  • Slope design optimisation and reserve maximisation and excavation cost minimisation
  • Blastability and diggability assessments.
  • Trafficability of materials
  • Back analysis of failures and forensic investigations.
  • Remedial solutions to failed excavations
  • Monitoring, interpretation of deformation data and behaviour
  • Assessment of geotechnical characteristics of mineral sands deposits
  • Dredgability and dry mining assessments
  • Slimes handling and composite tailings blends
  • Backfilling operations
  • Waste and tailings material characterisation
  • Determination of waste shear strength
  • Stability assessments
  • Developing waste dumps in pit
  • Tailings and water dam assessments and audits
  • Geotechnical investigations for operational facilities
  • Assessment of the stability of tailings and water dams
  • Seepage and failure investigations.
  • Geotechnical investigations, logging, data collection and reduction
  • Sampling, laboratory testing and interpretation

Design audits of civil, open pit, tailings and mine waste landforms and closure designs. We also undertake review, investigation and back analyses of failures or areas with significant.

A particular feature of 3RC’s approach is the use of quantitative geotechnical risk assessment procedures and practice, a high-level approach that provides management with the information it needs to assess the safety and economic implications of geotechnical designs. This provides a rational basis for the assessment and optimisation of our clients mine designs, ultimately producing maximum stakeholder value.

Services include

  • Risk analysis
  • Formulation of ground control management strategies for open pit, underground mines and waste landform facilities

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